This Expanding Facility/Factory/Office Announcement Workflow will support you in writing a press release in the following situations:

  • Your company is expanding its facility, factory or office.

When you click Next> on the bottom of this screen, you will enter Publiqly’s Expanding Facility Workflow, which will show you how to write a press release using Publiqly’s five-step workflow structure. Here is a link to Publiqly’s Resource Page where we explain this structure a bit more in outline form.

Picking the Right Workflow
Publiqly’s workflows are tailored to meet your needs in specific situations, so we recommend you choose your workflow with care. Here are a couple of alternative suggestions:

  • If your company is purchasing another company, click here.
  • If your company is relocating to a new office, click here.

Ok, let’s get started…Click on the Next> button below.



Preparation is everything when writing effective press releases. In this step:

  1. We help you gather all the relevant input from your colleagues and outside sources. These are the Building Blocks and the key part of preparation for creating a press release.
  2. Start by downloading two important documents that you need to write your expanding facility/factory/office announcement.
Building Blocks, How it Works

As you can see, the questionnaire that you just downloaded is split in two sections: ‘News’ and ‘Narrative’. These are the two key Building Blocks we distinguish when writing press releases. Understanding the difference between News and Narrative is key to using Publiqly’s platform. Here is a link to our resource page where we dig into our Building Blocks some more.

It’s worth noting here, that we color code all News in green, and all Narrative in blue. This holds true for both our questionnaires and templates.
The Questionnaire provides you with all the questions you will need to ask your colleagues and other sources. In the Facts section, you find basic questions about the expansion of your facility/factory/office. The Narrative questions are aimed at gathering additional information about your expansion so you can use to turn your announcement into an actual story with news appeal. Open your questionnaire now to start gathering your building blocks.

Action Item: Start collecting your building blocks using the questions from the Questionnaire.

Click on the Next> button below to see how Publiqly teaches you to use the Building Blocks to fill in your template and start creating your press release.



Finding a News Hook that resonates with your Target Audience is probably the most important part of your press release. If you can create a successful hook, you are more likely to garner interest from the media. Just announcing the expansion of an office or factory is not enough of a hook. You should ask the question: Why should anyone care?

Target Audience:

Should your Target Audience be your local consumer if you’re in a small town, or should your audience be a sector within your industry? Or perhaps your ideal audience is your customer, or your suppliers? Only you can answer these questions. Ask yourself “Who are we writing this for?”

News Hook:

Companies expand their footprints all the time. So your job is to tell readers why your announcement is more important than the others out there. Use one of the following two ideas to make the press release more interesting to your readers:

  • Tie Your Announcement to a Trend. Is your office or factory expansion because your industry or sector is trendy and hot now? Perhaps you’re in an environmental or eco-friendly business and your expansion is an obvious tie-in to this trend. Perhaps sales of a product to the emerging markets of South America are increasing and you need more factory space.
  • Marketing Play. Most likely you need to expand your office or factory because sales and profit are good. Now is the time to brag about it. REALLY BAD HOOKS, IS INTERNALLY DRIVEN, HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CONNECTING WITH YOUR AUDIENCE
  • Local Angle. When writing a press release about an office or factory expansion, finding a local angle to your story is probably the easiest news hook. If your footprint is expanding you’ll need to hire more people. Local news outlets love these kinds of stories.

Action Item: Choose a viable News Hook now and make sure that hook will resonate with the Target Audience you’ve decided to go after.

Be sure to take a look at Publiqly’s 10 Most Powerful News Hooks page here for additional ideas.



In this step, we will show you how to write the Top of the press release: the headline, the 1st paragraph (also known as the lead) and the 2nd paragraph. The Top of your press release is the most important part of your announcement.

Writing the Top
    • The Headline: We recommend writing your headline using the simple structure of Subject, Verb and Object and writing it in present tense. In the case of an expansion, your company is the Subject, “announces” is the Verb and the price is the object. These are all Facts from your building blocks. You can add some Narrative to the tail end of the headline. Here is an example of a headline from of an expansion of a facility/factory/office announcement from the fictitious Zapatoes Shoe Company:  
      Zapatoes Shoe Company Announces $3 Million Expansion of Factory to Fulfill Booming Demand for Fashion Sneakers

Action Item: Plug your headline into your template now, following our example above.

    • First Paragraph: This is where you rephrase the headline in the form of a full sentence. Remember press releases are top heavy — lead with the news and don’t bury it. Check out our Pro Tip on the bottom of this screen to make sure your announcement is newsworthy and interesting enough to read. Here is an example of the first paragraph of Zapatoes Shoe Company’s Expanding Facility/Factory/Office announcement:

      Zapatoes Shoe Company, which began making fashions sneakers seven years ago, announced a $3 million expansion of its factory to fulfill growing demand for its fashionable sneakers.

Action Item: Plug the most Facts into the first green section of your template now. Use your Narrative building blocks to add some color in the blue section of the first paragraph.

    • Second Paragraph: The second paragraph is where we offer Facts that back up the first paragraph, include more features and “bells and whistles” of your expansion. But then we quickly introduce some more Narrative and begin to explain why these benefits are important to your customer. Here is an example of the second paragraph of Zapatoes Shoe Company’s Expanding Facility/Factory/Office announcement:

      The Zapatoes Shoe Company’s expansion will result in a new 20,000 square foot factory located across the street from its current facility in Santa Barbara. The company will keep its existing facility. The expansion will create 15 new jobs. The project will also create 10 jobs for construction workers over the 18 months it takes to complete the project.  Zapatoes Shoe Company is expanding due to the exploding popularity of its shoes, which were named the coolest shoes for the last two years by Santa Barbara Surf Magazine.

Action Item: Begin plugging in your Facts details followed by some Narrative.



In this step, we help you write the Body of the press release — the third and fourth paragraphs, as well as the Bottom of the press release.

Body: The Body of your announcement will put the news into context and explain how the news fits into the company’s story, how it plays into trends and why readers should care. Here you’ll circle back to the original Narrative you touched on in the headline and first paragraph.

  1. Third Paragraph: Quote from your company’s chief executive officer or another high-level executive that backs up the importance of this expansion announcement. This quote is almost entirely Narrative and is colored blue in the press release. Here’s our example of a third paragraph quote from Zapatoes Shoe Company’s owner:
    “This expansion is a validation of the tremendous sales we have experienced and the demand we are forecasting from new markets,” Owner Charlie Ripkin said. “Our shoes are so popular that that once our Souther California retailers sell them, they are often resold at a 50 percent markup on Internet auction sites all over the world.”

Action Item: Plug your quote into the third paragraph of your template, which continues the Narrative (blue).

  1. Fourth Paragraph: This is where you put the news into context and elaborate on how the expansion plays into market trends and/or fits into the company’s overall strategy. The third-paragraph is almost entirely Narrative, backs up your first paragraph and answers the question “Why is this news is important?” Below we continue our example of Zapatoes Shoe Company  and the third paragraph puts its expansion into context:
    Zapatoes Shoe Company is expanding into new markets outside of Southern California as customers demand their shoes and are willing to pay a premium. Ripkin said the income of teenagers may rise 20 percent in the coming five years and cool, trendy fashionable sneakers are one of their favorite purchases. Fashion sneakers the fastest-growing footwear segment in the industry, according to data from trade publication Footwear Today.

Action Item: Plug your Narrative into the blue section of the third paragraph. Remember this is one of the most important paragraphs of your expansion announcement and should focus on why this news matters.

Bottom: It’s worth noting that many people writing press releases feel they have to jam-pack their release with lots of facts, quotes and extraneous information. Simply put, your announcement needs to be short and sweet and catch a journalist’s eye. If it’s too long it will be ignored. Six paragraphs are all that you need.

  • Fifth Paragraph: The fifth paragraph explains other reasons why the news is important and continues the Narrative and expands the story. The fifth paragraph follows the same line of thinking as the third paragraph and expands upon it in more detail. Continuing our example of Zapatoes Shoe company’s expansion announcement, you’ll see some more Narrative about why this announcement matters:
    With the expansion, Zapatoes is planning to triple its output to 75,000 shoes a year and will be able to fulfill orders from its East Coast distributor. The company will also build a more robust online website to handle customized fashion sneaker orders and offer online sales to people all over the world.

Action Item: Plug in more Narrative to the fifth paragraph of your template.

  • Sixth Paragraph: This is where you place the final wrap up of details about the expansion announcement. Here you may introduce a final detail about the expansion itself, as well as the logistics of launch and/or delivery. This section is the final Facts section and it’s often a good idea to wrap up this section and the entire press release with a wide and sweeping pithy quote from your main executive that is forward-thinking and installs a call to action to the customer. This section is green in your downloaded template. Here we wrap up our example of Zapatoes Shoe Company’s expansion with some closing facts and a fun quote from our fictitious owner Charlie Ripkin:
    The new factory from Zapatoes will be completed by May 1, in time for the summer season, and the company will be offering tours at 12 noon every day in the month of May. The company will add 25 new employees to the new facility. General Contractor Jones & Smith are managing the expansion. “We believe our shoes are about to go from a Southern California phenomenon to a national sensation!” Ripkin said. “And this new facility in the heart of Santa Barbara will deliver that promise.”

Action Item: Here you should plug the final paragraph into the bottom green section of your template.

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